Ramshackle Glory - From Here To Utopia Song For The Desperate chords

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Tabbed by: kleekl
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Am E Am G E
Am E Am G E

Am                                          E
well, iím afraid that the circles iíve been drinking myself
                                      Am           G         E
arenít big enough for the vowels that i try to fit inside of them.
when i was young, i drank too much,
            E                                                     Am
and iíd be lying if i said i didnít feel so goddamn young tonight;
          G                         E
maybe too young to ask whatís on my mind.
F                      Am
like: if freedom means doing what you want (well),
E                    Am
donít you gotta want something?
F                             Am                                 E
and wonít you tell me that we want something more than just more beer?

and my friends, if that ainít true, wonít you lie to me tonight?
Am                                 E
well, iíve been listening to minor threat records all day,

and shit if i do not know every word.
Am     G              E
i sing along as i tie off.
Am                                      E
and ian screams heís ďout of stepĒ as i throw the cotton into the spoon, draw up into 
the syringe.
Am                     G                   E
iíll know just what he means until i hit a vein.
F                Am                        E                  
but after that i wonít have to bother with knowing who i am, for a while at least.
F                     Am
in a moment the whole world is gonna melt around me,
and iíll swear i donít miss it as a i lie to you tonight.
C            E                 Am           F
because iím afraid to look the world in the eye.
C            E                  Am               F
if nothingís gonna change, well, then iíd rather die.
C                         E
and iím too unemployed to organize a union;
    Am              F
iím too intoxicated to tear down a building.
C                   E
iím too hopeless to look for a solution;
iím afraid that if i found one,
    F                         C
iíd be out of excuses for the way i waste away
       E                         Am                        F
in the gutters that i chose like fashion accessories to go with my dirty clothes.
  C                                 E                              Am
i havenít bathed in months, but you know itís not because iíve been fighting bourgeois morals:
iím just lazy and iím young.

Am                                  E
iíve seen the best minds of my generation dying drunk or high from the rooftops to the 
parking lots,
Am                   G                  E
stomped to death in west philadelphian squats.
Am                                          E
theyíve got me waiting on a day when we can say ďfuck the police!Ē with a little bit of integrity,
Am                       G                            E
when it will mean: ďiíve got your back if youíve got mine!Ē
F                     Am                    E                 
give me a scene where i believe in more than bad hair cuts, guilt, and misery.
F                                    Am
i donít know where i fit between the vegans and the nihilists.
that might be the first thing iíve said that wasnít a lie tonight.
C                        E                         Am         
because thereís gotta be something more than lying in the front yard, naked, screaming 
at the constellations.
C                             E                     Am        
i want something more than an apology to say when i look the world in the eye.
                    C                                 E
iíll tell you, man, my friend william came to me with a message of hope.
      Am                          F
it went: ďfuck you and everything that you think you know.
   C                          E                                     
Am         F
if you donít step outside the things that you believe theyíre gonna kill you.Ē
          C                            E                               Am
he said: ďno oneís gonna stop you from dying young, and miserable, and right,
but if you want something better, you gotta put that shit aside.Ē
C                       E                        Am           
i thought about how for thousands of years there have been people who told us that 
things canít go on like this:
C                       E
from jesus chris to the diggers,
from malthus to zerzan,
from karl marx to huey newton,
                  C             E             Am            F
but the shit goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on x 3? (first time 
short, second time strum, end on C)

G                        F
now, iím not saying that we canít change the world,
        C         E               Am             F
because everybody does at least a little bit of that.
C            E           Am                      F
but i wonít shit myself: the way iím living is a temper tantrum
     C                     E                    Am            
and i need something else, need something else, need something else to stay alive.

C E Am F jam
F                       Am                      E             
and on the night that i play my last show, iíll be singing so loud that my heart explodes.
F                        Am                      E
and iíll be singing, and iíll be singing: we are free!
F            Am                      E                        Am
oh, but wonít you promise me that we wonít ever forget what the means?
F                   Am                    E
i know itís hard to give a shit sometimes, but promise me weíll always try.
F                     Am                          E
because i donít wanna hate you, and i donít wanna hate me,
F           Am                 E
and i donít wanna have to hate everything anymore.


| /   slide up
| \   slide down
| h   hammer-on
| p   pull-off
| ~   vibrato
| +   harmonic
| x   Mute note
| b   Bend
| pb  Pre-bend
| br  Bend release
| pbr Pre-bend release
| brb Bend release bend

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