Ramshackle Glory - We Are All Compost In Training chords

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D Em C x2

   G                    D                      Em
i want freedom, not a boss that comes in a forty ounce bottle of anything or
taped scotch paper.
      G                               D                           Em
i eat meat and drive trucks and shoot guns and donít trust in the federal
government to solve our problems.
    G                             D                      Em
you might think Im joking, but Im not a republican. call me when your
president pulls out of Afghanistan,
	G                      D                        Em
because thatís the day Ill get a cell phone number, and you can call and
        C                          G
leave a message on voice mail that day.

G D Em C x2

  G                         D                        Em
i fell asleep smoking so Id wake up on fire, because that might get me out
of bed for a while
    G                         D                              Em
and back into battle with the things that I breathe, and the holes in my
arms, and the way that i think.
       G                     D                         Em
and if freedom is doing what i want, well that means I gotta know what that
is, not just what it isnít.
       G                       D      				  Em
so Ill dig up the dirt and Ill throw down some seeds, because the world
                        C                       G         D
needs more spinach, not more motherfuckers like me.
motherfuckers like me

play G D Em C until the end
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