Ramshackle Glory - Any Place Growing Up tab

C G Am Fm

When I was a young man, I lived in New England.
I was sleeping on porches.
Well, okay, I guess I weren't really sleeping.
Officer, I know where we're going by the way the cuffs shine.
Hell, sometimes, home is any place that's dry.

Any place that's dry.


I was working on Main Street, washing rich people's dishes.
Get off, have some drinks with the waiters, fall asleep under county bridges. It was 
cold, it was wet, I would have sworn to you it was fine.
Hell, sometimes, home is any place you find.

Any place you find.

C x2 F G

A little bit older I moved across the country, running from old habits.
Well, okay, I was running from most things.
I swear that the desert's going to be the end of me when I look in your eyes. Hell, 
sometimes, I think home's wherever you die.

 Any place you die.
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