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Rancid - The Highway chords

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Last song of their new "Let the Dominoes Fall" record.
It is possible that I misheard a few words of the lyrics, I'm not a native speaker.

G                D
 Nightclubs and one night stands
e                     b
 play a show and I'm off again
 C               D             G
 this is my life livin on the highway
      G                  D
 It's all I've ever done all I've ever known
 e               b
 just wanna play one more show and
 C          D              G
  make some music with my friends

Verse 1
C    G                              C                     G         D
   Working class culture I seen the   bleak side of the American experience
C                           G                             C
 scatter in the streets and show me what you got this is   not a set of 
                G         D
ideals this is flesh and blood 


Verse 2
  C            G                     C                          G        D
Opinions   are hard to put in prison   I'll tell the truth that wont be told 
  C             G          C                   G         D
uprising   and rebellion   social change with flesh and blood


Harmonica part (this is probably wrong, I am not sure which chords they use for this part)

C G b D G (2x)  then C G D  (???)

Chorus 3x

 C     D         G 
 livin   on the highway 
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