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Randy Newman - Ghosts chords

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                Ghosts - Randy Newman
Tabbed by: maguri
Tuning: Standard

Randy Newman
Ghosts (1978)
(Randy Newman)

From: "Born Again"


F#maj7   1-2-3-4-x-x
Ebmaj7   3-3-3-5-6-x
Eb6      x-4-5-5-6-x
F7b9     2-1-2-1-x-1
Bb(add9) 1-1-3-3-1-x
Gm7/11   x-1-3-3-x-3
Bb/F     1-3-3-3-x-x
Bb/Ab    x-3-3-3-x-4
Ebadd9   1-x-3-1-x-x
Eb       x-4-3-1-x-x
Gm7/D    x-6-3-5-5-x  or





 F7/9 F6 F7/9 F         F7/9 F6 F7/9 F 
e|------------1---|     |----------------|
B|4---3---4-------|     |4---3---4---6---|
G|0-------0---2---|     |----------------|
D|----3-----------| or  |5---3---5---7---|
A|----------------|     |----------------|
E|1---------------|     |----------------|


F#maj7     C7       Fmaj7        F6
 Stay with me for a little while
Ebmaj7            Eb6
You've nowhere to go
    Dm7             G7
And I've nowhere to go
Gm7             C7
 It makes me so happy
F7sus4     F7
  When you smile 
   | Bb(add9)| Gm7/11 | Cm7 | F7 F7b9 |
At me

Bb(add9)        Gm7/11 
  Work all your life
Cm7                   F7     F7b9 
  And you end up with nothing
Bb(add9)      Gm7/11      C7     [LINK 1]
  Live in one room like a bum

Bb/F               Bb/Ab
  Once I flew in a plane
Fm    Bb7         Ebadd9   Eb
And I fought in a war
C7sus4          C7
  We lived in a castle
Gm7/D C7           F
  And slept on the floor
Bb(add9)     Gm7/11
 And I don't want to be
C7sus4        C7       F7/9 F6 F7/9 F [= LINK 2]
 All alone anymore I'm sorry

Bb(add9)     Gm7/11
  Out in the street
Cm7                   F7     F7b9 
  Little colored kids playing
Bb(add9)   Gm7/11                 C7   [LINK 1]
  Where my own little boy used to play

Bb/F              Bb/Ab
 So I sit in this chair
Fm     Bb7           Ebadd9   Eb
 And I ache with the gout
C7sus4           C7   
 And I talk to myself
Gm7/D       C7           F
 'Cause I'm scared to go out
Bb(add9)    Gm7/11
 And I just want to know
C7sus4            C7       F7/9 F6 F7/9 F [= LINK 2]
 What was it all about I'm sorry
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