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Rascal Flatts - Come Wake Me Up chords

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Honestly every single tab/chords I saw was wrong. seriously this is the right version 
with basic chords. Standard tunning, CAPO ON 2. Your welcome guys.

D                                         B
I can usually drink you right out of my mind bt I miss you tonight.

D                                         B
I can normally push you right out of my heart but Im too tired to fight.

G                                               D
Yeah the whole thing begins and I let you sink into my veins

B                             G
And I feel the pain like its new

G                                             D
Everything that we were everything that you said

D                  B                      G
Everything that I did and that I couldnt do

G         A       D
playes through tonight

D                                         B
Tonight your memories burns like a fire with everyone it grows higher and


G                                           D
I cant get over it I just cant put out this love

I just sit in these flames and pray that youll come back

Close my eyes tightly hold on and hope that

G                 A       D
Im dreamin, come wake me up
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