Rascal Flatts - Its Not Supposed To Go Like That tab

Ok, I have redone my intro and and I going to try and tab this whole song. This
is how I have heard it by ear to play it so you either will like it or not like
 it. It's up to you. I think it sound great. The only thing I don't have tabbed
 here is the strumming. You can pretty much catch on to that if you just listen
 to the song. I hope you like it!! Oh, yea in the intro the first chord you play
 is a up stroke from high E to low E.

Chords used. Kind of a lot but that is what my ear hears. Have fun and PLEASE Comment Back
   G     G/F#   Em7   D   Dsus  Em   C2 C  G/B  C9  D7   B flat  G#maj  A



   G            G/F#        Em7                   D
Tommy found his daddyís gun     And Joey had never seen one
  G             G/F#         Em7                D
Real cowboy all dressed up As he held it in his hand
  G                G/F#       Em7                      D
Said, "You be good and Iíll be bad" Then he pulled the trigger back
  G                G/F#          Em7                        D   G  G/F#
Stopped little Tommy in his tracks       And said, "Get up, man"
       Em              C                    D                G             
People came from miles to say goodbye To the Wilsonís youngest son
C2            G/B           Dsus    D
 His innocent life had just begun

      C9             D7      G         C9              D7       G      
Itís not supposed to go like that Itís not intended to end that way
 Em        C       D          G              Em      C   
Life is a journey constantly turning Down an unknown path
    Bflat                A       G
But itís not supposed to go like that 


G             G/F#          Em                   D
Jimmy had his daddyís car        And the keys to Jennyís heart
G                          G/F#        Em         D
 A fifth of whiskey on the floorboard      Almost gone
G                     G/F#         Em              D
 Haviní the time of their   life Had only one thing on their mind
G              G/F#                   Em            D  G G/F#
 Never saw the flashiní lights Or the train cominí on
              Em                   C              D                 G
Now thereís a wreath and two small crosses On the right side of the road
  C2           G/B             Dsus  D
Reminders of a love that wonít grow


  C                  Cmaj9       Am        Am7    D7         G
I wonder if guardian angels cry  When they see it all played out
    C                  Cmaj9                Bflat           Dsus D
And as they stand with their hands tied Oh, do they cry out loud
     Bflat           A       G             Bflat           A       G
Itís not supposed to go like that No, itís not supposed to go like that
         G#maj           A       G             G#maj           A       G
No, itís not supposed to go like that No, itís not supposed to go like that
G#maj                            C
No, no, no, itís not supposed to go like that

Well, for my first tab I think I pretty much nailed it. Even if it isn't perfect,
 it sounds great when you play it. Thanks for taking the time to try and learn
 it. Please comment back and let me know what you think!
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