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Raul Midon - Keep On Hoping tab

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Keep On Hoping by Raul Midůn & Jason Mraz

Tabbed by: David Boudestein 
Tab made in: The Netherlands.

Standard Tuning

I am 100 % sure this tab is 100 % correct.
So enjoy this lovely song! 
Listen to the song for strumming paterns and timing.

Do you know what itís like to wonder?...

  F   Bb Am7 Gm7



Im gonna keep on hoping...

 F   Bb 
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Did you ever wish you could get away?

Dm7   ?  Gm7





Did you ever wish you could get away,
Even for a day,
Where they donít know your name?

 Dm7 (?) G#ma7 Gm7 


Did I ever think I could find someone
Who would be the one to love?

Verse & Chorus
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