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Raveonettes - Lust tab

Tune down half a step.

Am               C/G
I fell out of heaven
D                F     G
to be with you in hell
Am               C/G
my sin's not quite seven
D                F     G
nothing much to tell

lust I have and crave
a saintly boy I'm not
I take it to my grave
beside it cursed i'll rot

I ride these roads alone
beneath the sulfur sky
everywhere I roam
life is one big lie

when the fireball goes down
out by LA waste
I come into town
but only for a day

i'm starving on my knees
I pray for you to understand
a man sure is weak
but lust holds my hand

I struggle and I cry
I pounce with no avail
at least I never lied
or did the truth derail


This is roughly the pattern.  It's simply bar chord A.


Alternatively, here's a single person method of playing the solo with the chords:


I recommend adding fills with your index finger between the single notes.

- Arysteia
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