Ray Lamontagne - Old Before Your Time chords

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Tabbed by Stephen Turner

Standard Tuning

Intro: G G , C G/B Am G D , C G

Verse 1
G            C           Em                    C
When I was a younger man lookin' for my pot of gold
G            C                     D
Everywhere I turned the doors were closin'
G            C           Em                    C
Took every ounce of faith I had to keep on keepin' on
G            C                     D
And still I felt like I was only losin'

Chorus 1
C                     G             G       Em     C
I refused then like I do now to let anybody tie me down
G                                       D
And I lost a few good friends along the way
C                     G                    G       Em     C
I was raised up poor and I wanted more And maybe I'm a little too proud
G                                       D
Lookin' back I see a kid who was just Afraid
C          D              G (repeat intro chords starting with C)
Hungry and old before his time

Verse 2 (Verse chords above)
Through the years I've known my share of broken hearted fools
(And) those who couldn't choose a path worth taking
There's nothin' in the world so sad as talking to a man
(Who) never knew his life was his for making

Chorus 2 (Chorus chords above)
Ain't it a-bout time you realize? It's not worth keepin' score
You win some, you lose some 'n you let it go
What's the use of stacking on every failure another stone
Till you find you've spent your whole life building walls
Lonely and old before your time (G to intro chords)

C           Em
It took so long to see
C                  Em     G
That truth was all around me

Verse 3
Now the wren has gone to roost, the sky is turnin' gold
'n like the sky my soul is also turnin'
Turnin' from the past, at last and all I've left behind
Could it be that I am finally learnin'?

Chorus 3
Learnin' I'm deserving of love and the peaceful heart
Won't tear myself apart no more for tryin'
Tired o lyin' to myself, tryin' to buy what can't be bought
It's not livin' that you're doin' if it feels like dyin
C              D          G
Cryin, growin' old before your time
C              D          G
Cryin, growin' old before your time
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