Ray Lamontagne - God Willin The Creek Dont Rise chords

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Ray Lamontagne - God willin' & The Creek Don't Rise      Tabbed by: Johan Ambros

Tuning: A whole step down

Intro: E  Am x4

E                        D
Caroline In the mountains the sun sets up in ribbons so high
A                       G              E
I don't never wanna get old, never wanna die
E                         D
we been seein' steady rain, enough to drive us all insane
A                  G              E
Nearly lost a few head up in the pines

E                         D
At night, some of the boys get to talking up their girls back home
A                    G       E
I tell'em none's as fine as mine
E                     D
An old chaplain sayin' come morning we'll break the range
A            G                 E
Be pushing hard now for the plains

C          G           D   A
I close my eyes I can see you
C          G           D   A    G      A
I close my eyes I can feel you here

     E                Am
God willin' and the creek don't rise
A                   Am                    E
I'll be home again before this time next year
          G#        A            E
Though I fear this fever won't break

   F#     A
         All my love

Outro: E  Am x4

      E      Am     D      A      C      
     G#     F#

Any questions or corrections: johan.ambros@gmail.com
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