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Raymond Lauchengco - Together In Electric Dreams tab

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Title: Together In Electric Dreams
Artist: Raymond Lauchengco

             This is the new song of Raymond Lauchengco
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Intro: C-F-C-F
C                    Dm7
I only knew you for a while
 Em                  F
I never saw your smile
till it was time to fo
   Bb          Dm G
Time to go away
   C                  Dm
Sometimes is its hard to recognize
 Em                  F
Love comes as a suprise
And its too late
       Bb                Dm
Its just too late to stay

 C     Dm              Em
We'll always be together
  F       G             C Bb
However far it seems
We'll together 
 Dm                  G    C-Dm-C-F     
Together in electic dreams

C                                  Dm      
Because the friendship that you gave
      Em                      F
HAs taught me to be brave
No matter where I go I'll nevr
         Bb              Dm7 G
find me a better prize
            C                  Dm7        
Though you're miles and miles away
        Em              F
I see you everyday I dont have to try
           Bb           Dm          G
I just close my eyes, I close my eyes

(repeat chorus)

Adlib: Eb-Fm-Gm-Ab

(repeat chorus)

Well always be together
 F       G         Em
However far its seems
                Am    Dm
Well always be together
  G                    C
Together in electric dreams
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