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Raymond Manalo - You Change My Life In A Moment tab

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Intro: F-FM7-Bb-Bbm
F                                FM7
The nightís disguise was filled with clouds
F7                                Bb
My world with mine was filled with grief
F                           FM7
I couldnít count all the lonely hours
 Bb                   C
Spent with memories and teas
Verse:Do cp verse
I never thought I would see the day
When I could throw all my sorrow away
But then you came and you
Showed me the way
You have made all those times disappear
F                           C/E
You changed my life in a moment
      Eb                    Bb-C
And Iíll never be the same again
F                           C/E
You changed my life in a moment
          Eb                    Bb
And itís hard for me to understand
              Abm    Eb
With the touch of your hand
When the moment of time
All my sorrow is gone
            F                   F#M7
I never thought that I could change
F#7                               B
Could change so much in so many ways
F#                                C#/E#
Iím still surprise when I look in my mirror
            B                  Db
To see that I still look the same
(Repeat Chorus 2x)

Title: You Change My Life In A Moment
Artist: Raymond Manalo
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