Razorlight - North London Trash chords

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Verse 1

F#m                                    A
I`ve got a flaming road of karma and a mobile phone
      B                        F#m 
I was raised by the radio in a broken home,
F#m                            A
I`ve got a broken smile and an arrogant line
    B                             C# 
I`m really no-one special but I`m in my prime.

        F#m      Bm
I`ve got a hardbody girlfriend
           A              B
I`ve got a wallet full of cash,
        F#m     Bm
You can bury my body
I`m just North London Trash

Verse 2

I`ve got a flaming road of karma and I`ll do it alone
I grew up with the TV in a broken home,
I`ve got match of the day, black converse
I´m really no-one special, but I´ve seen you do much worse.


I´ve got a hardbody girlfriend
She helps me spend my cash,
Then we roll on my floorboards
Like nouveau North London Trash
              F#m                      A
If you dont`t unblock this rifle it`ll blow
         B                      C#
Ive seen shit like you come and go Im North London Trash, Im North London Trash, 
Im North London Trash

         F#m                    A                B                C#                      

Verse 3

Ive got pandemonium in my blood, Im a fever pitch
I could marry her for the money but she`s known to be a drag
On my Collateral and my arrogant streak,
I`m really no-one special but I`m here in my prime and my peak


My hardboby girlfriend
She makes the cameras flash
You can pin up our bodies
But you can`t kill
North London Trash


And you ain`t bad looking son, she just ain`t looking for you
You`ve shown a lot of fight, but this ain`t your night, or even your year
You ain`t bad looking now,
Watch where you`re looking now
Is anybody looking now?

Might no be the best tab, but it sounds good when you play it this way.. 
Razorlight prefers Göterborgs Rapé! 
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