Razorlight - You And The Rest chords

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"You And The Rest"
by Razorlight from album "Slipway Fires"

Capo on 4th 
Almost all the song is taping strings....
Taping C= TC (do)
Taping Am=TAm (la m)
Taping Dm=TDm (re m)
Taping G=TG (sol)

Intro..... TC, TAm (2 times)

TAm  TC                         TAm  
You say, you're thinking of me
          TC                   TAm 
And you'll do it at any cost
         TC                          TAm
And you say that you believe in life
       TC                  TAm
Any love you've never lost
   TC                           TAm
Everything keeps changing on me
    TC                     TAm
I can't tell you how I feel
    TC                            TAm
People shift and re-arrange on me
   TC                           TAm
How should I know what is real?

And it has been shown
You can get broken bones
And it has been proved
There's so much to lose

      TC                   TAm
When we try to live as one
      TC              TAm
We try to live as one

You ask me where I'd be
And to you I just can't lie
There were only ever two women here
You and the rest have passed me by

And yes, I'm thinking of you
Can't switch you off at any cost
While I figure out these rules of love
And pretend I've never lost

*same as bridge
But I lost from the start
I was kicked back hard
Intake and back draft blew
Then the flames consumed

Well, we try and live as one
We try and live as one

F                       G
I'm not making plans for tomorrow
C        Bm             Am
I'm just figuring it out
F                            G
You can beg it, steal or borrow
C    Bm       Am
Or count me out
F                 G
See the moment disappearing
C        Bm                 Am
And the joke is getting thin
F                  G      ...TC
I see my enemy appearing
And I'm him
  TC                  TAm
We try to live as one
 TC                   TAm
We try to live as one
 TC                        TAm
Can we try to live as one?
  TC                     TAm
Oh, we try to live as one
  TC                                     TAm
When you get back, when you get back, ohh

I hope you all enjoy it*
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