Razorlight - Before I Fall To Pieces chords

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Capo 7th

Intro G Cadd9 D x6

G                     Cadd9      D
Oh one more drink and then I'll go.

   G                   Cadd9            D
But theres one more thing I've got to know.

         G        Cadd9          D
Does he take you places that I don't?

            G            Cadd9           D
And what happened to the story that we wrote?

                  G      Cadd9          D
You just say you don't know, You don't know

           G     Cadd9           D
Oh no you Don't know, you don't know

G Cadd9 D x2
          G             D
What it feels liiiiiiiiike- x2

             G      Cadd9     D
So I'll go, Before I fall to pieces,
              G     Cadd9      D
Yes I'll go, Before I fall to pieces.

Please Don't be too harsh, This is my first tab and I'm only 13. Any problems, contact 
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