Razorlight - Funeral Blues chords

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I'm impressed nobody has tabbed this song before. Maybe, because it's pretty rare. 
However, one of the best by Johnny and here's some chords for the start.

Same chords are played throughout the song with little variations during instrumental part:

Intro: Am (he plays open strings at the end of every second bar, listen to the song 
you'll get it)

Verse/Chorus: Am/Am/F/G

Four people all dressed in black
Down on their way to a funeral
In a four-way smash

And my coke is on the dashboard
My boys are in the back
But you don't love me yet
So I try another tack

And the wheels on this car
Sing the funeral blues...

And I'm trying to hail a taxi
While you're racing down the hill
Sixty RPM to tell me
That you love me still

But it's unscripted theatre
And no-one pays the bill
And I can't get my fill
And yes I love you still
Of course I do

Just trying to make some sense
Out of these funeral blues...

I was so indifferent
About what tomorrow would bring
I danced a Russian ballet
Through the paparazzi sting

And I keep telling you
To do your own thing
But then you just can't live without me

And the nature of beauty
For me is in the part
That keeps its independent spirit
So I sing it from my heart

Tonight I feel wonderful
With the funeral blues...

Instrumental part:

I'm sick and I'm tired
I'm trying to force a smile
I'm staring at your face
From across the cinema aisle

And your boyfriend is pretty
But he's got no sense of style
So it's you and me
Get off to the mountain

Or you and me
Make love in Florence
And let the optimists and cynics fight it out
Find out about the funeral blues...

He'll turn up with a switchblade
And an angelic face
Unscrupulous and ruthless
With his fingers on your waist

He never said he loved you
But he's offering a taste
A taste, my darling
Of your funeral blues...

A taste, my darling
Of your funeral blues...

Your funeral blues...

That's that!

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