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Razorlight - Los Angeles Waltz tab

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tabbed by LJkid

at first this song is a bit tricky but after awhile it is ok


e -x-|---|---|---|---|
B -x-|---|---|---|---|
G -x-|-x-|---|---|---| please note D* is played on the 10th fret
D -x-|---|-x-|---|---|
A -x-|---|-x-|---|---|
E -x-|---|---|---|---|




   F#m                       D
   I've been siting here patiently
          F#m                D     
   I've been talking to myself
   F#m                           D
   Try'n to shake that sinking feeling
   F#m                       D
   wishing i was somebody eles
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   F#m                       D
   May be i'll get right out ta here
        F#m                       D
   all the way back to turn pike lane 
   F#m                         D                
   Find me a girl who can calm me right down 
       F#m                      D
   it's been such a fucked up year 

        Bm               F#m           Bm
   And i know it's not  easy when you don't get
   what you want you deserve 
     Bm                   F#m
   you can say that you love me
        G                  A
   but that's  what i've heard

     A              F#m     E

   To night in L A
      A             F#m     E
   To night in L A
               A                F#m    E
   Well it's got to be that way
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