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Real Friends - Ive Never Been Home tab

Tabbed by: jw_2003

Such a great song! Hope this helps someone out. 
There's one more part that I haven't quite figured out yet 
but I will post it asap. 
Please e-mail me with suggestions, questions, or anything.

Artist: Real Friends
Song: Ive Never Been Home

Tuning: Half step down 

Guitar 1             Guitar 2
Eb|---0---|  Eb|------------5\4--------|
Bb|---0---|  Bb|-------5--------5---5--|
Gb|---2---|  Gb|---4/6---6--------6----|   (x2)
Db|---2---|  Db|-----------------------|
Ab|---0---|  Ab|-----------------------|
Eb|---x---|  Eb|-----------------------| 

Guitar 1            Guitar 2
Eb|---0---|  Eb|------5---10\9----------|
Bb|---3---|  Bb|---------------10----10-|
Gb|---2---|  Gb|--6/7---7---------11----|  (x2)
Db|---0---|  Db|------------------------|
Ab|---x---|  Ab|------------------------|
Eb|---x---|  Eb|------------------------|

White knuckles and sleepy eyes
That's how you and I grew up, that's how we grew apart
You've got some big expectations 
Hiding in that small mid-western town that you call home

            F#m   D2                              
It's been twenty something years and I've never been home
    F#m    E        D2~
I don't even know who the hell I am anymore

   I'm really just a kid who's stuck with all the fucked up 
stuff that comes with life
There's nights I think about how there's someone else that feels how I do
It helps to think I'm not alone.

A2   D2   A2   D2

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