Reba Mcentire - Cane Even Get The Blues No More tab

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Key = D

I Walk Into The Kitchen The Silver Ware Is Gone
                          (D                D7)    G
The Furniture Is Missing I Guess You Got It All Uh-huh
This Is Where It Oughta Hurt
Seems Like Everytime You Leave Me
    G                        (D - Stop)    
You Try To Think Of Something Worse


Tacet                G
I Can't Even Get The Blues No More
I Try To Worry Like I Did Be-fore
And Nothing Happens When I Walk The Floor
  (A7 - Stop) Tacet     (D - Stop)  
So What Am I Supposed To Do
Tacet                      G 
I Toss And Turn But Then I Fall To Sleep
I'm Goin' Under But It's Not Too Deep
You Want To Hurt Me But It's Just No Use
 (A7 - Stop) Tacet   D     
I Can't Even Get The Blues

This Time Ain't No Different The Sun Up In The Sky
                         (D                  D7)   G 
Sittin' On The Back Porch Clouds Are Rollin' By Uh-huh
Oh This Is Where It Oughta Rain
       A7                       G                   D
But It Really Doesn't Matter It Feels All About The Same

Repeat Chorus x 2

*** Brackets indicate chords are in one bar/measure
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