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Rebecca St James - Beautiful Stranger chords

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Beautiful stranger by Rebecca St. James
Tabbed by GraceGirl

The chords for this song are A#m, F#, C#, G#, however, I have tabbed this song using Am, 
F, C, G using Capo 1 so that it's easier. You can transpose this song one half step and 
play without the capo otherwise :)

I had a bit of trouble with the Bridge, so there may be a few mistakes.


Intro: Am, F, C, G  x2


Am    F       C
  Do you see me?
           G             Am
  The question’s in her eyes
      F     C           G               Am
  Do you relate to the pain I can’t disguise?
       F       C            G
  Oh, look beyond what you see
       Am             F
  The outside is not all there is


             Am                  F
  Won’t You tell me now when did I see
   C              G
  You in need of water?
           Am                   F
  Oh, and tell me now, when did I see You
   C               G
  Hungry on the street?
          F                C
  God, I hear You calling out to me
           Am            G
  In the voices of the least of these
     F                           G
  Calling me to reach beyond my world

                   Am     F    C
  To the beautiful stranger
  G          Am   F     C     G
  Beautiful Stranger

Verse 2:

Am    F        C         G        Am
  He does not look like everyone else
       F       C   G         Am
  Does not fit in anywhere I know
      F      C  G
  You ask me to be Your hands
       F                C
  And show him now that he is loved



           Dm          Am         G
  There’s beauty that lies deep within
  Waiting to be discovered
   Dm          Am            F
  God help me see what You see
       C                    Am   F
  The diamond in the stone

-Chorus- (from line 2) x2

Outro: Am, F, C, G x8


Tabbed by GraceGirl

Written by Rebecca St. James, Carey Barlowe and Jamie Moore
©2005 Up In The Mix Music / Rambuka Music (BMI) / Emack Music / Low Bar Music / Jamnu 
Music (ASCAP) / Admin. by EMI CMG Publishing
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