Rebecca St James - I Can Trust You chords

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G   D   Em   C
Em  D   G/B  C

Em                D                 G        Gsus
Yes, I know that You have paved a path for me
Em                    D                 G      Gsus
Yes, I know that You see what I do and donít need
     Em                      D         
But when it comes to the deepest things
   G                    C/G         Em     D
I have a hard time relinquishing control
        G    Gsus   G  C/G
Letting go

         G                        D
God, it hurts to give You what I must lay down
    Em              C
But when I let go, freedomís found
         Em                          D
God, it hurts to give You what Iíve held so dear
  G/B                C
Because of Your love, itís clear
         G              D
I can trust You with this
        Em            C
I can trust You with me
I can trust You

Verse 2
Em                   D             G/B        C
  Lord, I know that You are worthy of my trust
    Em                  D             G/B 
For You have shown me time and time again
Youíre faithful and yet
Em                       D       
Iím so scared of letting go of this
  G/B                    C    
Afraid of what You might do with it
       Em   D                G/B            C
How could I   forget who You are like this?

Em            D/F#     G
Me forsaking, Heart is breaking
C                      D
I let go of what Iíve held so tight
Em                  D/F#     G
Freedomís mine now, For the taking
   C              D
I move in faith, not by sight
Let Your will be done
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