Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie chords

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Ryan Capozzi - [1st Tabbing on UG!]

This is my own interpretation of The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie.

This is in no way exact, I just like the way it sounds as compared to the others.

Pay attention to the arrows, the side notes are important (:

I think it's more complex than Em to C because I'm personally hearing emphasis being put on the B

[Bm], so I use an E5 along with the Em. Also, on the second line/half of each
verse, I believe it needs

to dip down to Em from somewhere instead of go back to C. It just didn't quite
sound right, but then

again, I'm not Josh Klinghoffer.

E5          [Here's E5, because I know that I certainly didn't have that memorized..]
E - 0
A - 0
D - 2
G - 4
B - 0
e - 0

E5                 C            Em
Lipstick junkie be funky all he wanty    <--- Go with this pattern throughout the song,
E5                      Em             the lyrics aren't in order, but everything should flow.
she came back wearing a smile
E5                              C          Em
Look-alike someone drug me, they wanted to unplug me
E5                   Em
No one in here is on trial
Its just a turn-around      <--- Last line of each verse is played in Em at whatever pace desired.

And we go
well and we go
Oh oh oh oh

E5                 C                 Em
Tic-toc, I want to rock you like the 80s
E5                  Em
Cock-blocking isn't allowed.
Tug boat sheila is into memorabilia
Who said three is a crowd?
We better get it on the go

G    Em
Hey, now
Em          G                Em
We've gotta make it rain somehow
She told me too
And show me what to do
Am                        D
Oh Maggie makes it in her cloud

G*          Em
I said, hey now               *<-- Now for BONUS POINTS, after playing the G chord--
We gotta make it rain somehow     slide to the 5th fret, hammer on and pull off the 7th, and slide
She told me too                            back oncemore to the third fret, and play Em.
And show me what to do
She knows how, to make it loud

E5                 C             Em
Raindance Maggie advances to the final
E5                        Em
Who knew that she had the goods?
E5                    C                      Em
Little did I know her body was one delicious vinyl
E5                  E5
To your neck of the woods
I want to lick a little bit

G*   Em
Hey, now             *<-- Slide to the 5th fret from G, bend it, pull off on 3rd fret, play Em
We've gotta make it rain somehow
She told me too
And show me what to do
Oh Maggie makes it in her cloud

E5                Em
You got the wrong girl
But not for long girl
Its in a song girl
Cos I'll be gone girl

G    Em
Hey, now
G                            Em
We've gotta make it rain somehow
She told me too
And show me what to do
Am                        D
Oh Maggie makes it in her cloud



One last note is that you should try bending the 17th fret on the high-e string
and sliding back to 15 and 12 with the chords. It sounds beautiful
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