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Red Tape - Borderline tab

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This is a new band called Red Tape.  They're pretty good; first band ive heard of w/ two drummers but hey...


This song starts w/ piano playing these chords

Am   C    Em    C 
Then guitar joins 
Am C Em C
Drums come in and you play riff once more then:

Verse 1
Am             C             Em     C
Turn off the radio it's too loud
Am                       C               Em      C
Stop treatin me like a fool, givin me doubt

Chorus 1 (Guitar 2 w/ overdrive)
It's too hard to run away
So I'm here and I will stay
I can't help but shut you out
Em (Strum 3x)
And disappear into the crowd

Then you play verse riff without words one time then words come in

Verse 2
Am                   C   Em   C
Why can't you try to listen
Am                         C  Em   C
You don't know what you're missin

Chorus 1

Then the guitars disappear and the piano is left with a lighter drumbeat

Verse 3
Am                    C    Em     C
You're just like everyone else
Am                  C                        Em     C
I'll be on the next train when it rings it's bell

Chorus 2 (Guitar joins again w/ overdrive)
I found the strength to run away
I'm sorry but I can't stay
It's time to shut you out
Em (Strum 3x)          Am
And disappear into the crowd

That's all folks
FYI: The Red Tape is
Matt Angelakos (Lead Drummer)
Matt DiVincenzo (Guitar)
TJ Korpolinski (Percussion/Backup Drummer)
M. Graham Marks (Guitar)
Derek Marks (Bass)
Nathan Miller (Singer/Guitar)
Richard Rovner (Keys)

As you can see, they're not big yet...but hopefully will be soon
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