Red Union - Wmd chords

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"WMD" by Red Union
Off the 2007 album "Black Box Recorder"

Tabbed by Ausfernan

Chords played are power chords in the original song.
The basic song structure goes:
D, D, G, A
D, D, G, A
C, G, D, A
C, G, A, A

Each letter represents one measure of the song. "x2" means the chord is played for 2 measures.

D x2                   G
I am all alone, and I need someone
   A                D x2              G         A
to stand here by my side - someone to watch my back
 D x2       G                   A            D x2
a sidekick a shield and hammer and a helping hand
          G                A
to stand firm for what is right
C                     G                  D
And I see you walking down the street
with your pockets full of TNT
C                          G
Putting an end to all this misery
        A x2
Oh, Iím telling you -This will be the blast

D x2                                            G       A
Iíve got a weapon of mass destruction inside my head
D x2                            G           A
Weapon of mass destruction and alert status red
C                     G         D               A
You and I, we are the same, we both got what it takes
C                G               A x2
we just have to kick it till it breaks
D x2                 G              A
And I am scared, but not as much as when
       D x2                  G                    A
I was alone - now there are four hands clenching fists
               D x2          G               A               D x2
And they will see, thereís nothing that the two of us canít do
       G                    A
weíll bring their fortress down

         G                   A
They can send their dogs to sniff
         G                 A
thereís nothing they will find
          G               A
cause itís not in hidden storage
      C             A                D x2 (only first note 2nd time)
itís deep inside my mind, inside my mind.
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