Red - So Far Away chords

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Tuning Drop A. (AEADGB) OR standard

You can tune ALLLLL the way down to Drop A to play this, OR play it in standard!
I put the more passing chords in parentheses, if you’re playing in Drop A these will be 
a bit more important, if you’re just playing acoustic, or hey, don’t feel like detuning, 
they are a bit more “optional” so to speak.

Please note, this was done by ear, I’m not from the band Red, so I may very well make 
mistakes, if you have any corrections or see any issues please let me know at:

Listen for the strumming you’ll get it after you’ve heard it a few times.

Key: D (I believe)

Bm G A (D, C#) (x2)

I am right here with you
I couldn't more close
Pretending that I'm in this moment
When I'm only a ghost

I listen to the words you're saying
Words I'm fighting to believe
It's like I'm living from a distance
When you're out of reach

I wanna feel it when I mean it when I say it
Can you hear me at all

Bm              G                 D            A
And I feel so far away, far away from everything
Bm         G2             D               A
Outside wondering when I got lost
Bm                          G2            D            A
I threw my arms up in the air, why do I disappear
Em                                (F#m)  G
How can your love be so close
(G)            A
When I'm so far away

(Verses are the same as before)

Remember when you found me drowning
You put me from the deepest end
I promised that I'll never leave you
Now I'm drowning again

It's killing me with every breath
Witnessing the life I lived
Only you know who I am
I'm reaching out my hand


Intro chords (x2)

I'm so far away (x5)
Yeeeaaahhhh yeeeeahhh

And I don't wanna waste time
Living a half life
Are you listening
Now give it back to me
I remember everything
The way it used to be
You give it back to me
You give it back to me
I hear your voice
F#m    G
But inside I'm lost

Pause music just before the chorus

Intro until the end

Last Chord ends on  D
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