Rehab - Cant Catch Up chords

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This is a very rough tab, and it isn't quite the same as the original song (if you watch
the music video you will notice the guitarist appears to be playing a mix of barre
chords and power chords possibly). It sounds good to me. I take no credit for this, I 
only put it into a chord sheet. Thanks to "themunkrikt" on Youtube for uploading a video 
of his
daughter playing the song!

Alternative between full strumming, and single strums of chords for effect. But most of
all... HAVE FUN!

G                   D
I can't catch up to you
You've already gone too far

And you don't remember
     C               D
Who you are or who I am.
  G                   D
I can't catch up with you
You're way up ahead of me
And you're getting harder see
   D                  G
Everyday as you run away.

        G                     D
You're cutting lines out on a bible
Too busy dying to stop and live.
You done gave up on survival
You gave all that you can give.
And I sure wish you would come back home
Nothing else for you to prove.
I know you try real hard to make your mark
           C                       D          G
But that world don't love you the way I do.


>>>> The rest of the song is just the same chords over again. <<<<

There just ain't no coming down
When there ain't no one around
And your head still makes that sound
And I watch it drive you crazy.
Your mama's saying prayers
Pleading with the man upstairs

You feel like no one cares
And I watch it drive you crazy.
You run run run run hiding from the sun
And I know you wanna turn around
But there's nothing I can do.


These demons behind their faces
You know the lies they tell are true
You paint yourself into a corner
And you chose the color blue.
And you look for inspiration
In the dark where the sickness lives
And you're stumbling over your own two feet
And you're headed for the edge of a cliff.


I watch you stumble watch you fall
And I just can't seem to help at all.
And I feel... I feel like I'm wasting my time with you.
And I know the way you feel been there myself
And I just don't wanna see your plan
And I don't wanna see you go through hell.
I know it hurts, I know it stabs
And I know it makes you feel real bad.
Feel those things that are going on
Inside your head and make your eyes
Bloody red and I sympathize
Cuz I know the way you are
And I know you won't get far.
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