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Relient K - Merry Christmas Heres To Many More tab

               Merry Christmas Here's to Many More - Relient K
Tabbed by: mastermoo420

Tuning: Capo 2
   Am                  C                   Am
A |----------2-------|----------0-------|-----0h2--------|-------2---------0-----|
E |-----0h2----------|-----0h2----------|--2-------------|--3---------2----------|
B |--0------------0--|--3------------3--|----------------|-----------------------|
     Am                 Em
A |----------2-------|-------------0----|--------------------|--2--------------|
E |-----0h2----------|----------2-------|--------------------|-----------------|
B |--0------------0--|-----0h2----------|-----------2--------|-----------------|

- I tried my best to have the spacing between the numbers make a little more sense but 
get it correctly, listen to the song and play with it.
- Many thanks to the guy who made the chords for the whole song. The chords he put for 
intro helped me for the first half of the first four measures :P

| h  hammer-on
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