Relient K - Come Right Out And Say It Acoustic chords

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Come Right Out and Say It by Relient K

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Capo 1

Right guys.

This actually sounds descent on acoustic; and although its not perfect it sounds 
good and you can sing along.

I have included chords for a novice player, and chords probably easier for a beginner

Chords needed are:


 A     G     F          A     G     F

e:-0  e:-3  e:-1       e:-3  e:-3  e:-1
B:-2  B:-3  B:-1       B:-3  B:-3  B:-1
G:-2  G:-0  G:-2       G:-2  G:-0  G:-2
D:-2  D:-0  D:-3   or  D:-2  D:-0  D:-3
A:-0  A:-2  A:-3       A:-0  A:-2  A:-3
E:-x  E:-3  E:-1       E:-x  E:-3  E:-1


 C     A     F     G          C     A     F     G

e:-0  e:-0  e:-1  e:-3       e:-3  e:-3  e:-1  e:-3
B:-1  B:-2  B:-1  B:-3       B:-3  B:-3  B:-1  B:-3
G:-0  G:-2  G:-2  G:-0       G:-0  G:-2  G:-2  G:-0
D:-2  D:-2  D:-3  D:-0   or  D:-2  D:-2  D:-3  D:-0
A:-3  A:-0  A:-3  A:-2       A:-3  A:-0  A:-3  A:-2
E:-x  E:-x  E:-1  E:-3       E:-x  E:-x  E:-1  E:-3


 D     C     A     G          D     C     A     G

e:-2  e:-0  e:-0  e:-3       e:-3  e:-3  e:-3  e:-3
B:-3  B:-1  B:-2  B:-3       B:-3  B:-3  B:-3  B:-3
G:-2  G:-0  G:-2  G:-0       G:-2  G:-0  G:-2  G:-0
D:-0  D:-2  D:-2  D:-0   or  D:-0  D:-0  D:-2  D:-0
A:-x  A:-3  A:-0  A:-2       A:-x  A:-2  A:-0  A:-2
E:-x  E:-x  E:-x  E:-3       E:-x  E:-3  E:-x  G:-3

Ok so with that in is the lyrics and how the chords should be played.


A                  G
I'd better rest my eyes
'Cause I'm growing weary of
This point you've been trying to make
A               G
So rather than imply
Why don't you just verbalize
All the things that you're trying to say

A                              G
Thought this would turn out so well
But I'm beginning to see
That instead it's trouble
A                 G
Into a pattern we fell
   F               (F)
Of prolonging the inevitable


Why don't you
Come right out and say it?
Even if the words are probably gonna hurt
I'd rather have the truth than something insincere

Why don't you
Come right out and say it (come right out and say it)?
What it is you're thinking
Though I'm thinking it's not what I wanna hear


A                 G
I better check my pride
Because I was starting to think
I was on to something good
A                     G
But things started to slide
And I sit here in retrospect
And understanding that I misunderstood
A                            G
Thought I could make up your mind
And then this decision locks up
So tight it couldn't be touched
A                         G
Thought you were being so kind
But keeping your mouth sealed shut
Rather than just opening it up


[Solo - see other tab; or; play verse chords]

And I tried
   C (1 Strum)
To guess what goes on in your head
A              G
'Cause in your mind
I just might find
          C                 A   G
All those things you left unsaid
D               C (1 Strum)
And I'll try to maybe not regret anything
A       G
Later on after I'm gone
D                C
You'll wish that you
                A  G (Build up) (G)
Had listened to me (listened to me)

[Chorus: Single Strums]

Why don't you
Come right out and say it
F                          (G)
Even if the words are gonna hurt
We're better off this way
Why don't you
A                                 F
Come right out and say come right out and say
What I know you're thinking anyway


And thats it guys, rate, comment, whatever!

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