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Relient K - I Dont Need A Soul To Hold chords

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This way of playing in the key of A is a lot like the way most people play in the
key of E. I "invented" it, but I'm sure there've been countless people who've
already been playing it in this manner.


     A     E    F#m    D    C#m
A |--2-----1-----2-----7-----6--------|
E |--2-----2-----2-----7-----6--------|
B |--0-----2-----x-----5-----4--------|

Intro: A   E   F#m   D
                     C#m   D

   E            F#m             D
I listen to the sirens as they sing me back to sleep
   E                 F#m        D
I pray that no one's seriously hurt
              E             F#m           D
It feels like everything is dying at the pivot point of me
   E            F#m             D
I listen to the sirens tell me things could still be worse

              D                   E
Cause if you close your eyes and listen close
F#m               A
You can hear the chapter close
         D              E
And its all rebound in better clothes
        F#m                A
And you like the way this story goes
           D                    E
Cause the sun still burns the shadows out
             F#m           C#m         D
And there's nothing to complain about now

          D                         E
Cause if this was our destiny I'd treasure the fact
    F#m                               D
And I'd give you whats left of me if I'd held back
    D                E
But I don't need a soul
  F#m                      D
No I don't need a soul to hold
     D                  E
Without you I'm still whole
         F#m            D
You and life remain beautiful

Verse 2:
   E                F#m
Departing from the hospital
Ill news shows on your face too well
        E              F#m             D
You're trying not to cough at all it hurts
     E             F#m               D
All options are exhausted all your numbered days are numbered small
   E               F#m
I miss you now, I loved you
And I know things could still be worse

- For the intro, the A, E, and F#m are constant. The D/C#m/C#m + D are endings that you use.
- After the chorus the first time through, when you sing "You and life remain beautiful" 
put in the lyrics above), you can play a different E before going in the the standard E 
to the song for it)
   A |---9---|
   E |---9---|   <  RELATIVE TO CAPO
   B |---7---|
- Don't be hating because this is wrong. >_> This song was pretty hard to get the chords 
not because the chords were anything non-standard, but it's really hard to hear 
properly. :P
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