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Rembrandts - Show Me Your Love tab

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Capo 2nd Fret

Intro/Bridge : D,G,A,D
Verse : G,Em,C,G,D
Chorus: D,A,G,G,D,A
Outro : Bm


D,G,A,D x2

Verse 1 & 2

I've been down, this road before
I don't think I'm coming back this way for more
It won't be long, and I'll be gone, out your door
             C                G              D
You can say, the words you will
I'd be six feet underground if looks could kill
But you don't care, that I've been run, through the mill
              C                    G                D

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I'm not waiting around, I've about had enough
D               A                      G
Maybe you'll never learn how to show me your love
G                  D                         A
You can promise the world but when push comes to shove
D                   A                            G
Baby you'll never learn how to show me your love
G                 D                         A


Show me your love.... love....
             D        G        A        D
Love.... Love.... Love.... Love....
D        G        A        D

Verse 3

When you're alone, what do you need ?
Are your toys enough to keep you company ?
Who says pain loves misery
         C   G      D


Bridge x4 ending on Bm
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