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Remedy Drive - Daylight Acoustic chords

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Hey everyone!
Had a hankering to learn this song and couldn't find correct sounding tabs, 
so I looked up the song on YouTube and this is what I think it is... 

Tuning: Standard
BPM: 116

The following chord diagrams are the variations I used in the song... 
I figured it out on an acoustic, so if you're playing it on electric, 
I would recommend using power chords...

(KEY - chord:EADGBe)
D:x00232 ... 
G:3x0033 ... 
D/F#:2x0232 ... 
A:x02220 ... 
Bm:x2443x ... 
Asus:x02230 ... 



D                                            G
Has everything you've counted on

                D/F#                          A
Left you right here with no warning

                     D                           G
Have your dreams become invisible

                D/F#                      A
Wait with me dear till the morning

Bm            G               Asus           A
Light will make the night burnout

D      Em    Bm              G
Hold on - daylight is coming

D                      Em
To break the dawn

Bm               G
Daylight is coming

D                                        G
The brightest stars are falling down

      D/F#                    A
Is hope lost in the black skies

        D                               G
The darkness must precede the dawn

                D/F#                          A
Wait with me here till the sunrise

Bm               G                  Asus       A
Wait, your night will soon fade out

INSTRUMENTAL/SOLO: (8 counts per chord)
D - Em

Bm               G
Daylight is coming

D - Em - Bm - G

D - Em - Bm - G (x3, 8 counts per chord) (Song ends on D)


Verse 1-
Pre-Chorus 1-
Verse 2-
Pre-Chorus 2-
Chorus (1st half broken down, 2nd half building)-
Chorus (full)-

The last line in verse two is the line he says in the music video on YouTube... 
It's contrary to all the lyric sites I looked at, but that's what he says in the song... 
And I like that line better anyway... And it's my chord chart... So there... Haha...
The Asus chord in the two pre-chorus' could be played as a D/F#... 
I like the sound of the D/F# better, but to be true to the recording, 
I put the Asus 'cause I'm pretty sure that's what they play...
I palm-muted the verses, crescendoed the pre-choruses, and played full on the choruses, 
except for the broken down one...
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