Rend Collective Experiment - Second Chance chords

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This song has such great lyrics and carries such a powerful was also 
recently released to radio as a single taken from the album Homemade Worship by Handmade People...

Verse 1:
   D                              A
My future hangs on this: You make preciousness from dust,
       G                   D   A
Please don't stop creating me.
     D                            A
Your blood offers the chance to rewind to innocence;
  G                  D     A
Reborn, perfect as a child.

Bm7      G         D
Oh, Your cross, it changes everything,
Bm7      G       D               A
There my world begins again with You.
Bm7      G           D
Oh, Your cross, it's where my hope restarts,
  Bm7              G        D
A second chance is Heaven's heart.

Instrumental: D / / / A / / / G / / / D / A /

Verse 2:
     D                        A
When sin and ugliness collide with redemption's kiss,
    G               D     A
Beauty awakens by romance.
  D                              A
Always, inside this mess, I have found forgiveness,
   G                  D    A
Mercy, as infinite as You.


Mid section/Tag
D                A                  G            D      A
Countless second chances we've been given at the cross,
D                A                  G            D      A
Countless second chances we've been given at the cross.

Verse 3:
    D                            A
Fragments of brokenness salvaged by the art of grace,
    G                      D     A
You craft life from our mistakes.
      D                            A
Black skies of my regrets outshone by this kindness;
    G                  D A
New life dawns over my soul.

Chorus x 2

Mid section/tag x 2

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