Resident Hero - Happy Without Me chords

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Heyy there, I noticed this song wasn't in a chords tab or with proper lyrics, so I
thought I would change that.  It's my first time tabbing, so if something's a little off
forgive me.  And credit to Adawg#12 for the original tab which helped me, but this is 
how I play it.

**NOTE** The chord marked G* is a regular G, but I pick the top string twice before
playing the actual chord.

{Verse 1}
G                       D                             Cadd9
I put the knife in my heart, I don't remember to bite,
G*         D
Over and over
G                       D                              Cadd9
My hands forever tied down, watching your smile float by,
G*         D
I'm left over

G                   D
I don't want you to be
           Cadd9            G*    D
Happy without me, happy without me
(x3, third time hum melody)

{Verse 2}
G                        D                             Cadd9
I'm sick inside of this cell, that I have put myself in,
G*          D
Over and over
G                             D                              Cadd9
They say these moments will pass, but what will I become then?
G*             D
One less soldier
One dead soldier

{Chorus x2)
Cadd9           D            Cadd9                D
And I'll always be a minor chord, filled with endless sustain
Cadd9             D                     Cadd9
I'll give you every damn thing that I am
If you want it
Do you want it?
Cadd9 (once)
One dead soldier

{Chorus x2, x2-3 hum)
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