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Rhesus - Just Let Go tab

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i'm french but i'll try to do this in english it's a pretty song and one of my first tab 
please correct me if i'm wrong

you must be accorded in D# instead of E
be careful even if it won't be correct


Bm     E    Am     D2 X2
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Bm                   E
If you ever get scared
alone in the dark
when the night's calling out
Play this song
           E                 Am        D2
and let it lull you to sleep
If you're worried about
     E         Am
conversation we have
Oh no,

just let go
Play this song
          E              Am           D2
and let it remind you its real, so real

I've not done the chorus sorry... I'm lazy =)

If you'd ever let us collide
it'd be beautiful
(It's getting closer now)
So pay attention to the voices
in the back of your head
(I think I'm ready now)
I bet they're calling out
I bet they're screaming out loud, so loud
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