Rhett And Link - Robot Girlfriend chords

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(Verse 1):

 F             A7         Dm   C    F#m
I've never had too much luck with females
 F                  A7         Dm    C   F#m
I'm not confident unless I'm writing an email
 Gm                   C
But my life would be so sublime
 Gm                   C
If I bought a robot girl online

I'd never hear her silicon mouth complaining 
about my dry scalp or my excessive gaming
She's my Small Wonder, I'm her Voltron 
I flip a switch and it turns her on!

           F  A7      Dm   C   Bb
My robot girl--------- friend... the best relationship I'd ever be in
(Verse 2):

She's got a grip stronger than an ape
And she can calculate a tip to the twenty-fifth decimal place
Though we can't go outside in rainy weather
We can still play solitaire together

Meeting her folks would be no real cause for fear
They're just a team of friendly Japanese engineers
If I ever start to think that she might leave me
I'll de-frag her hard drive and wipe her memory


My robot girlfriend...the best relationship I'd never be in. 
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