Rhett Atkins - Better Than It Used To Be chords

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Now it ain't like me to talk about the way
     B             F#
my woman makes me feel
But since you asked and I've got a minute
        B                  F#
well gentlemen here's the deal
      B                                     F#
If I told it's as good as this or that you might misunderstand
    G#                                                      C#
So let me give you all a little idea of what's it's better than

It's better than whiskey when you're cold
                   B                        F#
Better then your favorite song on the your radio
Better than a feather bed when you've been loving all night
           G#               C#
and you're got to get some rest
Better than punching out on payday
And cruise control down the highway
It's a whole lot better then it used to be
        C#             F#
and it used to be the best.

C#                                            B                F#
Now I've seen love that started to fade soon after that first kiss
C#                                       B                   F#
But let me make it clear right now that ain't the case with this
     B                                          F#
It started out good, started getting better It never has slowed down
            G#                                         C#
And it's better than a bunch of you buying me another round

go to chorus
B                                 F#
Lordy, lord I love that woman of mine
B                                             C#
And what we've got has got to be one hundred times better than

go to chorus

End with last line of chorus.
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