Rhett Walker Band - Cant Break Me chords

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Intro (C-D riff then) Slide up to D5  Down, up to G5, down A5 G5 F5 E5

Verse 1

D5                G5
Here we go again, Devils at my door.
D5               G5
Tryin to get in, oh wanna steal my soul
A5                     G5     F5     E5
And all I know is, somethins bout to break,
G5                              F5             E5
And this ol heart is screamin out,

D                              D/C
You can come against me, but you wont get far,
G/B                            G/Bb
Its plain to see just who you are.
D                                           D/C
You had me once, oh but now Im free,
G/B                              Bb (rest)                                        D5    Intro Riff
So go on and hit the road, cause you cant break me.

Verse 2
What is this  A-creepin up my spine?
Givin me the shivers, oh Im running out of time,
And all I know is, somethins bout to break,
And  these dry bones are cryin out,


D5                            C5                         D5
Take this fear, take this pain, allow me to see.

D5                              C5                                      
Cause the weight of the world is on my shoulders,
F5                 E5     (Slide up to D5)
And somethings  bout to break

Guitar Break (Over Chorus)

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