Ricardo Sanchez - Moving Forward chords

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               A                  G
I'm not going back, I'm moving ahead
               F#m                  G       Em
I'm here to declare to you that my past is over
    A                       Em
In You all things are made new
I surrender my life to Christ
       G      G       D      D    F#m    E/G#
I'm moving, moving forward

A            G                    A
What a moment You have brought me to
          F#m            G      Em
Such a freedom I have found in You
             G                            A
You're the healer that makes all things new
A     F#m      G
Yeah, yeah , yeahh


A             G                       A
You have risen with all power in Your hands
           F#m    G    Em    A
You have given me a second chance
      A          G
Hallelujah, Hallelujah   
  A    F#m    Em    A    F#m   G
Yeah, yeah, yeahh, yeah yeah yeahh 


You make all things new and
You make all things new and 
D                   A
I will follow You forward
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