Richard Allan Ii - Before It Gets Me Down chords

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Richard Allan II - Before It Gets Me Down

Capo 6
Chord progression throughout the whole song: B-Db-A

Verse 1:
B        Db                   A
The hand upon your shoulder,
Grows colder everyday.
B        Db                   A
But you never turn to face.

Verse 2:
All you hopeless lovers,
Greater than the last
But never quite the first.

         B              Db     A
Well I used to find it funny.
                                B    Db     A
But I've forgotten how to laugh.
                                B    Db     A
I've been lurking in the dark,
                              B      Db     A
Plotting my escape.

   B              Db     
Before it gets me down,
I will leave this town.
         B     Db   
Some decide to run,
But I will stay with you, my son.

Verse 3:
I've been chasing tails,
Since I was a boy.
It never seems to change.

Verse 4:
All you A-class soldiers,
Longing for the heights
You'll never reach again.

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