Richard Harris - In The Final Hours chords

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IN THE FINAL HOURS      -       Richard Harris

[ch]Em7/C[/ch]         G/B        Fi
      In the       final      hours
[ch]Cmaj7/E[/ch]              Fmaj7
        With all my         toydreams tattered
C/E             Fmaj7
    With all my         singing scattered,
       Out upon the wind

Bbmaj7/     Cm7/     Dm7/    Ebmaj7
        And      now     the         end

Will        find me
     Not prepared
    F#m                    Dmaj7
And     strong, the way I        thought I was
F                        Dm
   But thinking from the      start
How very        chord I was
             F/            G/            Gadd4/ - G/
As though it     mattered      now

C          G/B       F
  Now the      dying     flowers
[ch]Cmaj7/E[/ch]                  Fmaj7
       Sing an old song         that haunts me
C/E                 Fmaj7
    And now, nobo -        dy wants me
Bbmaj7            G#
       All alone      (all alone)
A                    F#m                   C#m7           E7 -
   Lost between the       last of summer -        showers
A                 F#m       B7        F#madd4/E      E      C - B7sus4
   These are the       fi -      nal            ho -    urs

 C#         [ch]G#/C[/ch]        [ch]F#/Bb[/ch]
(   In the        final         hours
[ch]C#/Ab[/ch] - F# - [ch]C#/F[/ch] - F#maj7 - Bmaj7 - B -
Ei         B/Eb         A/C#        [ch]E5/B[/ch] - A
   In the       final        hours )

Emaj7 - Amaj7       (7x start fading at 5th)

[ch]Em7/C[/ch]     x3203x
G/B       x2003x
Fi        xx3211
[ch]Cmaj7/E[/ch]   032000
Fmaj7     133210
C/E       032010
Bbmaj7    x13231
Cm7       x35343
Dm7       x57565
Ebmaj7    x68786
C#maj7    x46564
Amaj7     x02120
F#m       244222
Dmaj7     xx0222
F         133211
Dm        xx0231
Gadd4     320013
C         x32010
G#        466544
C#m7      x46454
E7        020130
B7        x2424x
F#madd4/E 024222
E         022100
B7sus4    x2425x
C#        x46664
[ch]G#/C[/ch]      x36544
[ch]F#/Bb[/ch]     x14322
[ch]C#/Ab[/ch]     44x121
F#        24432x
[ch]C#/F[/ch]      143121
F#maj7    244321
Bmaj7     x24342
B         x24442
Ei        x7999x
B/Eb      x6987x
A/C#      x4765x
[ch]E5/B[/ch]      x2245x
A         x02220
Emaj7     021100
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