Richard Hawley - Just Like The Rain tab

Song: Just Like the Rain
Artist: Richard Hawley
Album: Cole's Corner (2005)
Tabbed by: LouVelvet

This is my first tab; I love this song.  It sounds pretty good on a lone acoustic guitar 
you play it like this.  Just listen to this wonderful song and play along and you'll 

Main Riff: It's basically a D to D/A chord progession (Stretch that pinky!)

e ------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B ------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G ------------------------------------------------------------------------|
D 0-2-4----5-4-2----0-2-4----5-4-2----0--------5-4-2----0-2-0----5-4-2----|
A --------------------------------------2-0-------------------------------|
E ------------------------------------------------------------------------|


Main Riff x1


Main Riff x2 played on top of the D to D/A progression.

e ---2---|
B ---3---|
G ---2---|
D ---2---|
A ---0---|
E ---x---|

        D                  D/A
Walking silent through the snow
         D              D/A
Drifting softly to your door
           D           D/A
I'm coming home
           D           D/A
I'm coming home


           Bm          D
But you're still in my mind
       Bm          D
You're still in my mind
    G                A           G              A
And here's where the sound of my tears hits the ground
              D (with end of main riff*) D/A                D           D/A
Just like the rain                           Just like the rain
                    e ---------------------------|
                    B ---------------------------|
*There's a little   G ---------------------------|
change in the riff  D 5-4-2----0---0----5-4-2----|
for the chorus      A -----------2---------------|
                    E ---------------------------|

VERSE 2: (Same as first verse)


MUSICAL BREAK: (Same as intro)

REPEAT CHORUS: At the end of the chorus repeat the lyrics "Just like the rain," two more 
and then end on one strum of a clean D chord

And there you have it.  I hope you enjoy playing this song as much as I do.
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