Richard Thompson - A Love You Cant Survive chords

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A Love You Can't Survive
Am                 F
Now I remember the promise I gave you
    C                        Dm   
The night I shipped out as a peace volunteer
      Am                       F
As we sat holding hands in the Lamb and Flag tavern
  C                         Dm   
I swore Iíd be back for you same time next year

But I killed a man in a Brazzaville street fight
I tried to hold back, but he taunted me so
5 years till they freed me from that Brazzaville prison
Out of boredom or pity, I never will know

    F			   G
Now I bear the stain, the scar on my name
      D     F            G Em
And I never can go back again
Am        Dm       G              Am        Dm       G
Thereís a love you canít survive, thereís a love you canít survive
F                     G     F                  G         Em  Am
And it tears you up inside, thereís a love you canít survive

I sailed my boat into New Orleans harbour
Tied up at the jetty, as bold as you please
With a half-ton of charlie built in to the bulkhead
Right under the noses of all them police

Now here I sit in my house on the mountain
Iím King of the clouds and all I survey
Thereís women who are willing, and the law canít touch me
But yours is the one face that wonít go away


by: Josť Duarte
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