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Richard Thompson - Sibella chords

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Oh some girls hold the ace, the deuce, the trey
  C       F                  Bb
X-ray the deck to see what's coming
Mary Antoinette she smiled that way
        C              F       Bb
Easy to smile when the luck is running

F               Bb               C
Like a myth you rode in from the west
F               Bb            C
From the go you had my button pressed
        Dm               Bb            Dm              Bb
Did the tea-time of your soul make you long for wilder days?
        Dm             Bb           Dm          Bb                      
Did you never let Jack Kerouac wash over you in waves?

Gm	 C
Sibella, we don't make sense together
Gm	            C
But my heart's with you
Gm	 C			      Gm
Sibella, I found myself strange but true
Strange but true

Some say you can learn a lot from books
Thrill right to second-hand living
Life is just as deadly as it looks
But fiction is more forgiving

You took chances well within your means
Salon hair and creases in your jeans
All those lonely winters long did you really think it through
Did you really ache for me like I really ached for you


by: Josť Duarte
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