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Richie Furay - Heartbeat Of Love tab

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Heartbeat Of Love

C                    G    F
When Iím making up a love song 
C                F
Youíre the one I think about
C                    G    F
You make my heart beat oh so strong, 
C                             F 
With the love that most only dream about

G                F          C 
You came into my life and I knew from the start 
F                    C
it was love at first sight
G                       F           C 
I always knew there was someone like you
    Am                           Am7
And you put your arms around me, held me when you found me
    F      G     F             G  
And thatís when, thatís when I knew

C                   F                 C                      F 
I couldnít live without you and for a moment could I make it through
                C                      F                    G
Thereís just no way words can say what I feel except I love you
F     C                      F              C                     F
Baby, heaven only knows what I mean, youíve taken me beyond every dream
           C                    F                          G     
Youíre the heartbeat of love in my life, youíre all that I need
                     C   F  C  F 
I could go on endlessly

That summer night I was so sure
Weíd walk together in the moonlight
I knew a loving never known before
I felt it was so right

No one else just you and me there and I knew
You are still in my heart
I heard the words, tell you just what I felt
And I held my breathe and said it, thereís no way Iíll regret it 
Thatís when, thatís when I knew


by: Josť Duarte
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