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Richmond Fontaine - Evergreen Powerline chords

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			     Evergreen Powerline - Richmond Fontaine
Tabbed by:  Milo Corp

Tuning:  Riff 1 & 2 (just about...lyrics too)
 #1  G                       Dsus           D     #2

G         D/F#    Dsus2           
Under power lines itís built and stripped dead
When your hand-cuffed with all the lights burn dead
Walkiní out into the sunshine

C  Dsus2  D  C  

Bm  C  Bm  C5  Bm  C  Bm  C5

G [Riff #2] 
Letter postmarked
Flagstaff, but Iím stuck under evergreen
Stuck under evergreen

D Dsus2 D Dsus2 [4x]  D 

G     Dsus2     C    D 
Under evergreen itís built and bloody
Riff #1         C    D 
And never-ending getting pushed up against cars
When your handcuffed from behind
And the people gather round in the parking lot
And know one else knows you, there was blood on you
Under evergreen, itís built and stripped dead

Riff# 1    C  D  A  C  D  G
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