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Richmond Fontaine - I Fell Into Painting Houses In Phoenix Arizona chords

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Song: I fell into painting houses in phoenix, arizona
Artist: Richmond Fontaine
Tabbed by: Jpencz (

Standard tuning
Capo 5th fret

The whole song he plays his chords with variations of the actual chord, taking a finger off and 

hammering on. It might not be exact but here is how I hear it, and sounds pretty good. He doesn't 

always do it, so just listen to the song and try to mimic it using variations like these:

      Em            C             G



verse 1:

Em                   G      Am     C
I fell into painting houses in Phoenix

Em                   G             Am             C 
I'd been there a week picked up an illegal on the street

Dm       Am       G       Em   
The kid was nineteen years old

Em             G       Am       Em
had a wife and kid in Loreto Mexico

G                           Dm       Am 
The suburbs in the that town are a sprawl

Em         G        Am         Em
we never knew where we were at all

Em                   G              Am             C
we worked five days straight then we didnt pick him up

Em                   G          Am       C
and i knew that the kid had never been paid

Dm            Am           G               Em
probably just waited at the meetin spot all day

G                      Dm       Am
we drove to a different part of town

                  Em      G      Am         Em   
picked up another kid for a job in the suburb

*harmonica interlude 1*
Em G Am C
Dm Am G Em

Verse 2:

Em       G       Am      C
I didnt show up the next day

Em       G       Am         Em
I aint shit but I aint that way

G                    Dm        Am
Got a job as a janitor at turf paradise

      Em             G             Am          Em
and i moved in with a girl who worked on the backside

G                    Dm        Am
at night id always read the news

      Em      G         Am        Em
metro section of the scottsdale tribune

G                    Dm         Am
a family left in the trunk of a car

Em           G           Am         Em
or a family abandoned in the desert alone

*harmonica interlude 2*
Em G Am C
Dm Am G Em

G  C G Am   Em


Em       G    Am      C
watch a horse break down

Em                 G                 Am               C
or your girlfriend who cant stand the sight of her own face

Em               G            Am         C
or to watch your sister drink her life away

Em             G          Am       C
get me out of here get me out of here

Em             G          Am       Em
get me out of here get me out of here
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