Rick Pino - Your Love Is Like chords

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Verse 1:
G#m/E                      B/D#
Your love is like the rain falling on my soul
G#m/E                    B/D#
Covering every place and making gardens grow
G#m/E                B/D#
Sweetness overflows, pouring from Your lips
G#m/E               B/D#
Kisses from above; let the heavens drip

Verse 2:
G#m/E                    B/D#
Your love is like a room full of precious jewels
G#m/E                     B/D#
It takes my breath away.  There's riches beyond words
G#m/E                     B/D#
When it's just me and You I can't remember storms
G#m/E           B/D#
All I can do is melt into Your arms

     E                F#
Your love is like the ocean
    E                F#
I'm drowning in Your presence  (repeat)

I'm getting lost in the gaze of Your eyes
E                     /G#            /A#     B
I getting lost in the warmth of Your smile        (repeat 4x)

Let 'em drip down.  Let 'em drip down
Let the heavens drip down (repeat then back to pre-chorus)

I want to dance the beautiful dance
I want to drink from the cup of romance

Come sweep me away
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