Ricky Gervais - Lady In Blue Simpsons chords

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This song is from the Simpsons' episode "Homer Simpson, This Is Your 
Wife" (S17E15), written by Ricky Gervais.

Ricky, as Charles, sings for Marge:

C             F           Am            G
Lady when you came to me, I was feeling blue
C                   F
Blue just like your hair, you see
Am                 G
Blue just like the moon
    C             F
But only when the moon is blue
    Am             G
And not when it is cream
    C                F
And now that you are here with me
Am   G    C
I am in a dream

(Oh, yeah, Marge, your dreams can come true.)

C              F
Lady, when you go away
  Am                G
I feel like I could die
C                      F
Not like dye like your hair is dyed
    Am            G
But die like Lady Di
    C                    F
And not like Di like her name is Di
    Am                G
But die like when she died
    C              F
But lady just like Lady Di
   Am     G      C
Be my princess tonight
But don't die
Don't die. 
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