Ricky Gervais - Life On The Road chords

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Em, D, Em,D
Em, D, C, Em7 (x2)
Em       D        Em          D    
Half a tank should get me to Millbank
Em         D      C 
I fill her up and head down to Sidcup
Em         D         Em        D
It's just a meeting, it's only fleeting
Em           D        C
It's just a pitch and then I'm up to Ipswich 


G           D     Am                  C
Life on the road, don't need a heavy load
G                D 
Foot down to the floor
Am               C
Seventy miles an hour, but no more


Em      D        Em   D
Wheel-a-dealing, no feeling
Em         D       C
Strictly business, I'm killing it in Widnes
Em        D         Em        D 
Then to Gloucester, I get a Costa
Em       D      C
Hard shoulder, coffee holder

Seventy miles an hour but never more
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